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Here we present professional and high quality Brazilian performers from California that we work, support, recommend.

Note * For all band/groups bellow there is a option for add/include dancers performers such as samba-afro, samba-reggae, and Rio's style feather samba dancers, or traditional candomblé folkloric dancers and/or Capoeira martial art dance-fight show.

* Samba Show - The Samba in Brazil, is still an underground culture. However, thanks to some people in Brazil and around the world who see the Samba otherwise, and some artists with their love and dedication will continuously grow strong developing new approaches and evolving forever. Here you will get an average of 25 min show with beautiful and fit dancers (average 2 girls) that include the traditional and choreographed feather samba dance show, free style demonstration, plus an “warm up” with the participation of your guests to make the party a success!

* Capoeira - An Afro-Brazilian art form that involve music, dance a acrobatics movements - specially in the modern capoeira. It brings up deep cultural influence from the Africa diaspora in Brazil. Here it is a show to see and appreciate. Axé meu camará!

* Brazilian Bands

SambaJah - The group of 6 Brazilian friends from Orange County plays the best of pagode with the influences of Brazilian group Fundo de Quintal. They also make a fusion with the Brazilian authentic samba, Maracatu & Frevo from Pernambuco State, and plays some of the own great music. The vocalist and group leader Arlindo Jr. is a recognized composer with music recorded for Brazilian musician stars. They have been played in different locations in Las Vegas, Los Angeles and Santa Barbara.

Lula & Afro-Brazil - The group Lula & Afro-Brazil was founded in 1988 by Brazilian percussionist/singer Lula Almeida. A native of Salvador, Bahia, Lula is a well known percussionist master throughout Brazil. He grew up with numerous musical influences and was a founding member of the Olodum Samba School in Salvador. Mixing a variety of styles including samba, pagoda, reggae, salsa and meringue, LULA & AFRO BRAZIL have electrified audiences across U.S., Canada, Malaysia, Mexico and Japan. Some of these performances in the U.S. include the Carnival at the Hollywood Palladium, the Brazilian Summer Festival at the John Anson Ford Theater, the Salsa and Samba Festival of Long Beach, the Big Gig with B.B. King in Richmond-VA, the Hollywood Latino Music Grammy Wards, the Live Oak Music Festival, and the Annual Santa Barbara Brazilian Carnaval among others. LULA & AFRO BRAZIL show includes from 4 to 8-piece band.

New Cycle - New Cycle is an ensemble of 3 musicians (Guitar, Bass or Keyboard, and Drum Set/Percussion) that originally plays MPB & Bossa Nova. They can make also Forró (Music from Northeaster of Brazil), Pagode and Samba and add 1 or 2 musician from the original ensemble. The leader of the band and guitarist - Daniel Carneiro, can make as solo (playing and sing) as well in duo and percussion. New Cycle has been performing in clubs of Los Angeles as Zen Sushi and the famous Jazz Club La Vee Lee, Orange County as The Players, Santa Barbara as Cooney’ Club, and also have been played at the Third Annual Santa Barbara Brazilian Carnaval.

Brasilidade The name means something with Brazilian spirit. Once you know Brazilian culture and/or experience the Brazilian lifestyle, you begin to understand and joy this nice feeling called Brasilidade. Over the years, several great musicians from Rio de Janeiro with experience of samba and pagode (Rio's best music style) started to come to California, more exactly to Los Angeles. As the time passed, we realized that Los Angeles was housing many musicians with their background deeply involved with real samba and pagoda, and at that time, California didn't have any organized group to perform this kind of music. Then, they started to put together some shows and quickly they became the best “Brazilian pagode and samba Performance in California. The Band Brasilidade have performed in different clubs as Café Sevilla in San Diego, Café Roberto and Zabumba in Los Angeles, and Sharkeez in Santa Barbara as well in different festivals in California as the Annual Long Beach Street Carnaval and the San Francisco Multicultural Fair/Carnival.

UCSS (California United Samba Scholl)

The UCSS is the extension of the group Brasilidade. It has as leader Flavio Ribeiro, that with Salvador, Erock, and Vinicius from Brasilidade plus other 4-8 percussionist set up a large group of 8 to 12 musicians playing Rio Carnival Samba Style Show. This group use 2 Cavacos (Small Guitar), 2 Pandeiros, 2 Surdos, 4 Tamborim and many different types of Percussion.

Mili-Mili - Mili-Mili is a premier multicultural music ensemble from Los Angeles (Brazilians, Armenians, Greeks and Syrian musicians) bringing the energy and spirit of Brazil, South and Central America, Asia and Middle Eastern. Mili-Mili is sure to get your mind and body moving, with their most infectious and mixes grooves, melodies and sounds. The group have been performing at the Annual Abbot Kinney Festival in Venice, California, the B.B King Restaurant & Club in the Universal Studios City Walk, the Samba Restaurant in Redondo Beach among others locations/clubs. Mili-Mili is a 8 piece musician ensemble.

Katia Moraes (with Sambaguru or Pure Samba)
- Katia Moraes & Sambaguru is an ensemble of 6 musicians from Brazil, Sri Lanka, and the United States that has been playing a wide-ranging blend of original music since 1997. Their rich and extensive repertoire arises from the huge diversity in approaches and techniques that distinguish the personal and regional backgrounds of each band member. It is a vibrant band that has its own stylistic inner tensions among these players from widely separated areas of the globe. The result is a musical experience of remarkable depth and quality. "Together, they opened a wide and colorful window into a world of irresistibly compelling music" -Los Angeles Times / Katia Moraes also plays with Pure Samba, an ensemble of 3 musicians and can do “cover” for different Brazilian music style. Kátia is also a writer and usually contribute with Soul Brasil magazine.

Jah Quest - Jah Quest is a new and charismatic Reggae band with strong Brazilia n and Jamaican influences. Usually they play with 4 - bass, guitar, drum set and percussion, plus 1 (vocal and leader of the band). They have been playing together since 2003 and have performed in different fair and festivals around Southern California as the African Market Place, as well in Clubs as Zen Sushi in Los Angeles and Rusty’s in Santa Monica.

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