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Soul in Shape
Ana Braga
Tenderfoot Education in Real Estate Investing
Back in the days of the Wild, Wild West, when easterners traveled across the U.S looking for opportunity in the newly opened territories...
New Trends: Brazilian “Style” Manicure
Many Brazilian women living in U.S today miss the “Brazilian Way” to make their manicures when their go to the Beauty Salon that provides...
The "Made in Brazil" Success
Brazil has the largest economy in Latin America, its economy is also among the largest in the world...
Brazilian Hour Radio Show
The Brazilian Consulate General of Los Angeles has announced the launch of the new website & Streaming App for the Brazilian Hour...
The Brazilian Way – O Jeitinho Brasileiro
It's charming, its' cultural, its' all about being a Brazilian. The "O Jeitinho" can be described as the way Brazilians live their life, the way they make decisions, the way they love and so forth...
Salve 2013! Um Ano Entre Brumas & Ondas
Estimados irmãos, que Alá seja louvado! Que as forças da natureza possam trazer-lhes paz de espírito e saúde para o corpo...
Survey Places Rio & Sao Paulo Among the Cities of the Future
McCann World Ggroup, a global advertising agency network, posed a question to its international contributors and clients, which asked and led them to assemble a map of cities that will make a difference in the lives of people in the near future...
Should I Stay or Should I Go?
When did Brazilians become so afraid of adapting? We constantly hear our fellow Brazilians living abroad talking about how much they miss home, but they also say it is impossible for them to go back and readapt to their old lives...
Brazil, the New Destination of Immigrants
Brazil is, once again, a country of immigrants. According to official data released by the Brazilian Department of Justice, the number of documented foreigners living in Brazil climbed 50% in only six months...
"Rent a Friend" in Brazil
Sightseeing in a strange city is always easier in the company of someone familiar with the local area, but also with someone who knows the alternatives and the secret places that only the "locals" know about...
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