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Ana Braga
World Cup: The Show Will Be Continued...
Played by millions of people in hundreds of countries soccer is, without a doubt, the most popular sport in the world...
Under the Radar - The Headliners, Possible Surprises, and a Prediction. The 2014 tournament has unmatched power in the top 4 teams and a never-before-seen depth and quality among the 32 nations...
Get the World Cup and the “Ginga” at Via Brasil Steakhouse in Vegas It’s a pleasure to check how some "Gringos" have incorporated the Brazilian Culture in their life in some way...
What is “Brazuca”?
For now... ”Brazuca” is the official Ball for the World Cup 2014 in Brazil and the most tested of all times ball...
How the World Cup Tournament Works, the Cities and the Stadiums The FIFA World Cup is played every four years and is made of up 32 teams from all around the world...
Embrace the Passion. Savor the Spectacle. Join the Party!
The world prepares for a Brazilian Soccer Extravaganza...
Maria Bethania, a Celebration: Katia Moraes & Kana Shimanuki “Rock” the Night at the CAP Studio
Saturday, April 26 we have been in a small but cozy venue in Sherman Oaks to watch the new Katia Moares...
2014 Tourism Expo in Brazil Expected to Brake Records
The “Tourism Fair of the Americas”, held last year in São Paulo (Brazil) by the Brazilian Association of Travel Agencies (ABAV National) has generated new business opportunities...
A Conversation About Abundance
Mostly dictionaries defines abundance as ample quantity, profusion, affluence, wealth, relative degree of plentifulness, etc...
The Hottest and Coldest Real Estate Markets in U.S
In January the Pro Teck Valuation Services released it new “Home Value Forecast “that is a measure of single family residential markets and there was a few good surprises...
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Singing with Viver Brasil
At about 8am the bus stopped in the middle of the 170th Street in Edmonton...Click Here
A Importância do “Credit” nos EUA & Como Melhorar o seu “Credit Score”Ter um bom crédito com respectiva boa pontuação (“credit score”) pode significar ser bem mais fácil se conseguir um empréstimo... Click Here
8th World Water Forum May Be Hosted by Brazil In March 2012 Brasília officially launched its candidacy to host the 8th World Water Forum, the most important event relating to the conscientious use of the world’s water resources...Click Here
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