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        Unnecessary Truths, edition 68…
        Brazil in USA, articles and short news related with Brazil and Brazilians become bigger in USA - The Brazilian Footprint in Los Angeles, San Franciso, San Diego, Santa Barbara, Brazilians in California and other American cities.
        Articles and short news about Yoga, spirituality, art of living, ecology, meditation and positive things…
        Articles and short news about sport radical as surf, skateboard, and bodyboard, as well the beautiful people that practice and performer sports with champion attitude
        Articles and short news about capoeira, rodas, berimbal, batizados, mestres, contra mestres, professores, instructors, the game, capoeira regional, capoeira angola, ginga, and all about capoeira…
        General short news about conscious living, health, nutrition, the earth, Brazil, Brazilians, Brazilian girls, news from the Brazilian Consulate in Los Angeles and San Francisco…
        General short news about the Brazilian community in California, Brazilian community in New York, Brazilian community in Florida, Brazilian community in Hawaii and Brazil news in American territory…
        Fit and Happy Brazilian girls - They are fit., they are happy. What are they doing?
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         Brazilian events and conscious living events listing in California and all USA, specially in New York, Los Angeles, San Diego, Santa Barbara, Miami, Honolulu, Salt Lake City, Santa Cruz, San Francisco,etc…
        Here you will find an update photo album where Soul Brasil have been present in accordance with our Philosophy Agreement…we had fun hearing Brazilian music, Brazilian instruments and moving the butt as an Brazilian…and may you too…
Editor's Letter
        The letter of the editor and the fist letter when we just come out with our first issue…Lindenberg Jr.
Back Issues
        Soul Brasil Magazine has put together a collection of our previous edition and their main headlines
Music & Dance
        Introduction of the Brazilian music…samba, pagode, MPB, Forró, Baião, Bossa Nova, the best of Brazilian music…
        AfroReggae: The Sounds of Change
        Linda Yudim and Viver Brazil…
        Living better…Live and Dance!
        Drums…Divine Instruments and the Magic of Music
        The Good Vibes of Drumming Circles
        Syncronizing Life
        The Authentic Rumba
        Feminine Souls
        Maracatu, the rhythmus of Africa in Recife and Pernambuco…
        Dancing is My Life
        The Electrorganic Sound
        Touched by Love
Travel & Adventure
        Learning About Brazil and the best of this country blessed by God as say the singer Jorge Ben Jor…
Health & Nutrition
        Yoga For The Eyes, Visual Re-Education And Meir Schneider`S Self-Healing
        Control the Sugar Level with a Gift from Nature
        Detoxifying Foods and Juices
        Pre-Diabetes: Caution
        A Healthy Spin on Coconut Water1
        The Incredible Power of Fruits
Sport & Fitness
        Be in Shape Learning Self-Defense Techniques
        The Path of Sports Worldwide, Traveled by Brazilians
        The Maracanã Stadium: Reference for Rio and Brazilian Soccer
        Hooray For Soccer!
        The magic of soccer, the world's most popular sport
        Arborismo Arcobatics on a Natural Circus
        Skateboarding or Sidewalk Surfing
        Weight Training: 8 Good Reasons to Trainer and Increase Your Self Esteem
        Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu: Oriental Fight with Brazilian Zest
Brazilian Flavor
        Summer Party
        Brazilian Bouillabaisse or Sinfonia Marittima
        Churrasco or Brazilian Barbecue…
        Feijoada & Caipirinha, the most tradition dish of Brazil and the famous cocktail drink made from sugar cane spirit cachaça…
        Trout with Passion Fruit sauce…the rhythmus of North East of Brazil…
        Magret of Duck with Acai Fruit Sauce
Behavior & Culture
        The “Brazilian”Portuguese
        Understanding And Accepting The Loss Of A Loved One
        The Brazilian Spirit
        Bikini: 50 years of revolution and sensuality
        Brazilian Faith or “fé”…
        Candomblé, axé, and Orixás
        Sex and Time. What is the Importance of this Relationship
Earth Watch
        World Conscious Living
        Save Our Planet
        Speaking on Ecology
        World Social Forum 2005
        Violence in the World
Well Being
        Spirituality and Desire
        Spirituality and Desire
        Massage and the Magic Touch
        Alternative healing…Bringing Color and Light to Your Life
        When Your Body Speaks, Listen to it!
        Thai Massage: A Blowing of Light from Buddha's Mind
Beauty & Style
        The Colourful Art of Synthia
        Brazilian Bikini Wax
        Body Painting From Rituals… to Fashion
        Facial Gymnastics Dive Into Your Mirror
        You Deserve the Best. Like a SPA... at Home!
        Freedom is an old pair of faded blue jeans
Art of Living
        Say Goodbye To Pessimism
        Do you seem to be what you really are?
        No Fear of Love
        Connected by the Soul
        Dreams: Signs e Symbols
        Ten Steps to Self-Esteem. Success, and Happiness
Life Experience
        John of God, the master spiritual Brazilian healing…Do you believe in miracles?
        Bahia 2003 A Dream Fullfilled, the experience of an American in Salvador…
        Life is Like a River…
        Strolling in New York
        Driving in Los Angeles, Hiking in Malibu
Money Health/Prosperity
        Real Estate Reality 2006/2007
        How To Save Money At The Pump
        Protect Yourself
        Insider of Identity Theft
        Smart Choice for Living Well and Having Profit
        Discover the EBay Insider Strategies and How YOU
        Bless the Money
        Plutão em Capricórnio: Novos Tempos
        2007: Ano de Júpiter, Ano de Boa Sorte
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