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Brazilian Day Celebrations 2014
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Soul in Shape
Marquisha Walker
The Cult for the "Beautiful Curves & Fit Body"
We may say that in the same way that the American women use their “busty” as a gimmick to become sexy, Brazilian girls use their “buttock” as a weapon to attract the opposite sex...
The Rise of Soccer in the USA After a very successful Word Cup 2010 in South Africa and the resulting record audiences, the major American media outlets promise to invest more resources in the most popular sport in the world...
A Open Hearth for Help Others A year or so ago, Roberto became another statistic. Due to a car accident in San Diego, he can't live a full life. In Brazil, volunteers organized themselves to raise money for a stem cell treatment in Panama which had successful results but more...
Opções de Educação nos EUA Para Brasileiros
A maioria dos brasileiros morando no Brasil sonha na possibilidade de estudar nos Estados Unidos ou em outros tantos países como Inglaterra, Franca ou Austrália, mas muitos vêem esse sonho como algo impossível de se realizar...
Ser Feliz e Exitoso nos Negócios
Ser feliz e exitoso nos negócios sempre foi e sempre será a prioridade ou a preocupação de muitos. Abaixo, selecionamos 16 importantes dicas separadas en dois quadros distintos. 8 Dicas Para Voçê Ser Mais Feliz...
Brazilian is Crowned Miss Nevada Globe
The Brazilian “Gaucha” from Porto Alegre, Neise Cordeiro, was crowned as Mrs. Nevada Globe in the city of Las Vegas, becoming the state spokeswoman for the Women in Need Foundation (W.I.N.). The W.I.N. Foundation is an international...
Detoxifying Foods and Juices
You do not have to make radical changes in your eating patterns to increase your body’s health...
2014 Tourism Expo in Brazil Expected to Brake Records
The “Tourism Fair of the Americas”, held last year in São Paulo (Brazil) by the Brazilian Association of Travel Agencies (ABAV National) has generated new business opportunities...
Homenagem Postuma a Antonio Santana
Conhecido baixista e produtor musical da comunidade brasileira do Sul da Califórnia, e estabelecido em Los Angeles por vários anos, faleceu enquanto dormia na madrugada do ultimo dia 23 de Dezembro...
The Hottest and Coldest Real Estate Markets in U.S
In January the Pro Teck Valuation Services released it new “Home Value Forecast “that is a measure of single family residential markets and there was a few good surprises...
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A Importância do “Credit” nos EUA & Como Melhorar o seu “Credit Score”Ter um bom crédito com respectiva boa pontuação (“credit score”) pode significar ser bem mais fácil se conseguir um empréstimo... Click Here
8th World Water Forum May Be Hosted by Brazil In March 2012 Brasília officially launched its candidacy to host the 8th World Water Forum, the most important event relating to the conscientious use of the world’s water resources...Click Here
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