By Lindenberg Junior and Jennifer Parker | Translation: Flavio Gondin

Women are stronger than they think they are, wiser than they can imagine, and more beautiful than the image they see in the mirror”. As symbol of utopia and real miracles, someone who thinks with the heart acts with emotion wins by love. She who lives with a million emotions in a single day, sends each of these emotions at a single glance.

A person of merit, a friend, a faithful partner, wise and generous mother, someone who works, feeds and protects is a symbol of utopian love. Women from all social and ethnic origins and countries, young and old – this is for all of you, congratulations! You have an immeasurable value that transcends all; and although you fight against the miseries of daily life, work or destiny, you shine with a unique light as real beauties of this world!

In 20th century we had great scientific, technologic and economic changes. Here I would like to mention some special issues on the awakening of women, to meet their proper place in history. Women compete to take a larger part in modern world, by direct financial participation in the “working planet”, and by asserting their right for equal treatment for the same tasks performed by men.

The destiny of women is to give the family and the civil society something that is their own unique characteristic that only they themselves can offer: their sweet tenderness, their generosity, their sharpness of thought, their intuitive ability, their deep sympathy, and tenacity. The feminine quality is most authentic if it is not recognized for the beauty of these qualities, and if it does not include them in itself.

Knowing the barriers that still must be surpassed and challenges still waiting to come, women have invested in their eclectic skills, technical competence, and most importantly, their education; a factor that is a reference for her to form her own opinion. Consequently, this is the primary agent of making change. The moment she faces any king of tragedy or transformation, the woman comes back to connect in the way of her nature true, a real path, in direction for herself. As this for a starting point, lies an explanation of the feminine capacity to transform difficult situations.

Women do not follow traditional tendencies any longer. In current times, these tendencies inspire the new lifestyle redesigned by them. It is essential for both men and women to become conscious of our same nature, and that our differences are nothing more than characteristics that complete us in order to build a society without prejudice, without discrimination and violence towards women.

It is interesting to reflect on how many action verbs relate to women’s attitude: understanding, supporting stimulating, orienting, teaching, etc. It is even more interesting to observe that there are many more women taking action, every day, making sure of the details, so that things can happen smoothly, to go on and bloom…

A study published by World Bank (“Engendering Development”, Oxford University Press) shows that, in the countries where women reach near 50% of power, corruption tends to decrease drastically. Among them, the study analyses 5 cases with more details: Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Iceland and Finland.

We can easily believe that the word “woman” is synonymous for action, at home, with family, at work. Looks like if is something coming from the Divine, from Magic. Women believe so deeply in their ability to do so many things that, without knowing it is impossible, they went on to do it, and they did it! Although they know how to wait, they also know how to act – there is so much to tell, and so much to create too! Congratulations to all women who make this world a more sensitive, humanitarian, funny, agreeable, stimulating place to live.

Women’s Day

Women’s International Day has been recognized in honor of a dramatic episode that happened in the United States in 1857. In a fabric factory in New York, women working there rebelled against their poor working conditions. That was the fist time women came together to fight for better working conditions. The rebellion was faced with violence, and as a result 129 fabric manufacturers died inside a burning factory which was set on fire. In 1910, the idea of creating a day to honor these workers and establish a date for the feminine struggle was born. In 1975 the United Nations General Assembly decreed that March 8 would be the International Women’s Day.

Human Rights

According to a report from International Amnesty on March (2005) in London, l billion women have already been beaten or raped, and 1 in every 5 women born in the world will be a victim or almost be a victim until the end of her life. According to the European Council, domestic violence is the main cause of death or crippling of women between 16 and 44 years of age, and this kills more than cancer and traffic accidents. According to the United Nations data, in Russia, the government estimated that 14 thousand women had been killed by their partners or relatives in the year 1999.

In the United States, every 15 seconds, one woman is beaten by her husband or partner. In France, 25 thousand women are raped every year. In Brazil, 25% of the women are constant victims of domestic violence, and only 2% or the aggressors are punished. In countries like Saudi Arabia and the Pakistan, women still have many challenges to be surpassed. The prohibitions inflicted on them since childhood include absurd things like not being permitted to laugh or to speak loudly. In fact, they feel more and more that they are being kept from living. In some African countries, women are poor and illiterate, depending on men and only have a reproductive role, uniquely. This type of behavior is bad for their own health – the International Conference about AIDS (December, 2001) revealed that, in Gana, 63% of the women were HIV positive.

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