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Bellow you will find great links related with Activism, Social Justice, Global Concern, Spirituality, Yoga, Capoeira, Surf, Jiu-Jitsu, Multicultural Art, Music & Dance, Brazilian Culture and History, Foreign Search Engine, Culinary, Weather, Career and More. Mostly of this websites are Soul Brasil partners in some way. Interested in partner with us? Do you have a site in any of the field bellow? Send an email to,  submit your URL and a brief description of your site. Reciprocal listed link is appreciate. We will contact you back to confirm the link exchange.


Activism & Global Concern
Amazon Watch is a non-profit organization based in California. Defends forest people’s rights and the environment in the Amazon. They investigate, publicize, and challenge new oil and gas drilling, pipelines, roads, and other destructive projects while working to increase the capacity of local activists.
ABC Trust is a non-profit-charity organization that helps many thousands of Brazilian very poor children and young people by offering shelter, a decent meal plus positive education and training opportunities. Patrons include Led Zeppelin guitarist Jimmy Page, whose wife Jimena Paratcha founded the Charity, and Brazilian soccer stars Pele & Silvinho plus Brazilian singer, Bebel Gilberto and City of God film director, Fernando Meirelles.
Human Right Watches – Comprehensive, shocking, important, and urgent – words can’t describe the info this site contains.
As a global organization, Greenpeace focuses on the most crucial worldwide threats to our planet’s biodiversity and environment.
An educational nonprofit that strengthens and expands networks of practical visionaries working on behalf of the environment and people. Including both ecological models and social strategies for restoring the earth.
Protest.Net is a site to help progressive activists by providing a place where times and locations of protests and meetings can be posted and activists can find out about events near them and around the world.
Alternative media for democratic and better world

Participe de um site ao estilo de mídia social, mas que congrega os amantes da causa ecológica para um planeta mais sustentável. Soul Brasil apóia as ações em beneficio de um planeta mais limpo e um mundo mais justo.

For the alternative G20 summit.

For mobilization for the Copenhagen Climate and to sing petitions calling for various aspects of economic justice.

Trade justice movement.

Jubilee Debt Campaign.

International Trades Union Confederation.

War on Want.

Just Transition Alliance.

Stamp Out Poverty.

Indigenous Environment Networking

Friends of Earth International.

Survival International.

Transition Towns Movement.

World Council of Credits Unions.

The Free Cycle Network.

Ethical Investment Research Services.

New Economics Foundation.

International Forum on Globalization.

New Internationalist’s Clean Start Campaign website.


Art & Culture

Los Angeles Brazilian Film Festival is a non-profit organization, dedicated to providing the local community and international visitors with a diverse presentation of films from Brazil.
Online journal of alternative culture, practical philosophy and natural healing arts, covering balanced lifestyle and self-help alternatives. Reviews, drum lessons, fiction and poetry.
Kwanzaa (Quansa) is a holiday celebrated by many African-Americans. It is held December 26th through January 1st. It was started in 1966 by Doctor Maulana Karenga, Professor at the California State University, Long Beach, California.
Art, music, and media for a better world.
Burning Man Contains many features for both the new and the experienced about the movement that has grown from a small event on a San Francisco beach to an annual gathering of more than 25,000 in the  Nevada desert. 


Brazilian Pacific Times is a free monthly Portuguese and English bilingual language magazine, published in the heart of San Diego and reaching all the west coast.It is our commitmentto promote our cultures by giving our readers, the latest on entertainment news and sports. And what a better way to reach consumers and make your organization known, than by advertising in a widely read magazine? We take a lot of pride in our efforts to help continue the successful trend of your business.
The Immigrant Magazine is a web-based and print publication focused on celebrating the contributions of immigrants to the American society as well as exploring their lifestyles and experiences. For the American immigrant looking for rich information source this website should be a good option. Covers topics such as Immigration, education, health, career, entertainment, travel, family, fashion, beauty and culture.

O Jornal Nossa Gente é distribuído em mais de 100 pontos na Flórida e enviado gratuitamente para mais de 4 mil endereços via correio .Privilegia a notícia, entrevistas, economia nos EUA e Brasil, mercado imobiliário, turismo, saúde, beleza e o dia a dia em Orlando e região. Lido por um público composto por imigrantes brasileiros, empresários, trabalhadores em geral, e americanos que leem o português.
Site of events in Los Angeles and highlights about Brazil in California. The first website/calendar in California.
Brazilian Promotions aka BRAZILCARNIVAL.COM was created to promote Brazilian Culture & Events. Their goal is to build a cultural bridge through art, music and dance to bring people together and celebrate life.


Dance & Music

Party Brazil is a Brazilian culture & entertainment booking service based in Los Angeles and reaching interested customers as far as Las Vegas and Mexico City. We booking for your private party or corporate event, from exotic feather samba dancers and capoeira & Afro-Brazilian dancers, to Bossa Nova singer and a full samba school batucada.

The Annual Santa Barbara Brazilian Carnaval was founded in 2004 during the Mardi Gras season and since than have been exposure the rich Brazilian Culture in different ways through the arts during a three days festival in the California Riviera. Every February, sometimes in March, we set together, film, dance, music, culinary and sport activities with the goal of disseminate a better overview about the biggest country of South America.
Caetano Velozo official site, The Brazilian singer and songwriter, Grammy winner in 1999.
Official site of Katia Moraes, the Brazilian singer, lyricist, composer, dancer and Soul Brasil colunist/writer.
Los Angeles based ensemble founded in 1997 under the guidance of co-directors Luiz Badaró and Linda Yudin.

Radio Station from the University California of Santa Barbara, an alternative radio with a variety types of shows including gross roots and environmental issues.

Jiu-Jitsu, Surf and Capoeira

O Portal dinâmico da capoeira na internet – Notícias, Informações, Downloads, MP3, Videos, Fotos, Músicas, Fórum, Livros, Artigos, Publicações e todo o universo da capoeiragem.
The Surfrider Foundation is a grassroots, non-profit, environmental organization that works to protect our oceans, waves, and beaches. Founded in 1984, S.F most important coastal environmental work is carried out by 60 chapters located along the East, West, Gulf, Puerto Rican, and Hawaiian coasts.


Job Resources & Career

O primeiro site de emprego para freelancers, profissionais, produtoras, emissoras, finalizadoras, agências de emprego/RH e qualquer empresa trabalhando na indústria Audiovisual, TV, Cinema e Vídeo, no Brasil.
Great  resource for marketing, making money online, jobs, careers and effective products for improving your business. Information in Portuguese for Brazilian, and free e-books and reports about business in America.
The career center portion of this excellent resource for the nonprofit world, which includes career guides and information as well as ample volunteer, internship, and job opportunities from organizations everywhere.
Free offering of some bonafide job listings in the entertainment industry… Mostly in Southern California, but a few pop up in other areas.

Mind, Body and Spirit
OM page of Sivananda Yoga Center
The European Institute of Vedic Studies
While Cultural Creatives are a subculture, they lack one critical ingredient in their lives: awareness of themselves as a whole people. We call them the Cultural Creatives precisely because they are already creating a new culture.
Search engine directory of spiritual and humanitarian people, projects, organizations, and with calendar of events and online store.
Vegan Action is a non-profit organization that educates the public about the many benefits of the vegan diet and lifestyle.


Portuguese Language Countrys
Portuguese Language in the World. A great site for research the history and the Portuguese language spoken country’s geographic. In English, Portuguese and French.


Tempo/Weather in Brazil.



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