Lindenberg is a native from Recife, Brazil, but has also been an American Citizen since 2007. With a bachelor degree in journalism, he is a writer, marketing consultant and event producer – Lindenberg Junior

Publisher and Editor, SoulBrasil

Our youngest journalist lives in Maceio, Brazil, and is responsible for producing web content, as well as helping Lindenberg with suggestions and new ideas – LaÍs Oliveira

Editor Assistant and Writer, SoulBrasil

Lindenberg’s wife is in charge for the office administration as well as accounting. She is a native from Recife, Brazil, but also has American citizenship. Magali is also a travel agent with over 25 years of experience and responsible for setting up the “Annual Soul Brasil Cultural-Eco-Spiritual Tour” to Brazil – Magali da Silva

Office Chief, SoulBrasil

As a Brazilian living in Recife, the state of Pernambuco, Brazil, Alux is the important “tech guy” behind He is also a talented programmer/developer – Alexandre Alux

Webmaster, Alux.Net

Rita is Brazilian and lives in Recife, Brazil. She is the person in charge of making the layout of our magazine. She is a talented art director and visual communicator – Rita Santos

Designer, SoulBrasil

Lindenberg’s only sister, this charismatic Soul Brasil famly member is a certified yoga teacher, trance/ritualistic dancer and spiritual life coach. She has lived in Dallas (TX), Solvang and Los Angeles (CA) and has travelled alone to several countries in Asia and Latin America – Sandra Domingos

Life Style Consultant and Tour Assistant, SoulBrasil

Claudia is Brazilian and lives in Lawndale/South Bay area. The baiana from Salvador covers different events in Los Angeles and Santa Barbara counties – Claudia Passos

Photographer, SoulBrasil

Jane was born and raised in the farm lands in the interior state of Parana, Brazil. With a major in physical education, she became a passionate school teacher. Jane has been living in San Diego since 2006 and after moving here, became a florist. Her biggest passion is photography. Jane Ceron

Photographer, SoulBrasil

She is American with a Brazilian heart. Ann is an anthropologist with degree in Latin American Studies. She is passionate about Samba and Brazilian music. Ann lives in Orange County between L.A and San Diego and speaks also Spanish and Portuguese. Ann Fain

English Proofreader, SoulBrasil

The younger American/Brazilian born in L.A and is a multi-talented artist. He is in his junior year at Syracuse University/NY where he studies performance arts with specialization in musical theater. He is the son of Lindenberg and Magali. Giovanni da Silva

English Proofreader, SoulBrasil

Born in Palos Verdes Estates, California, after traveling the world to 30 countries and living abroad in Spain, Chile, and Argentina, Jennifer now lives in the South Bay Area. Jennifer is a USC professor of ESL & language arts, professional samba dancer, and creative director or Rio Brasil Entertainment. She has helped Soul Brasil magazine since 2003 with valuable proofreading, as well magazine distribution and promotion. Jennifer Parker

English Proofreader, SoulBrasil

This Brazilian from Rio is a journalist, writer and photographer. She lives in Orange County and focuses her work in children’s portraits. Aryadne Woodbridge

Writer and Photographer, SoulBrasil

Living in New York, this actress and TV Hollywood reporter is Brazilian and a longtime Soul Brasil contributor. She lived in Los Angeles, but moved to New York a few years ago, when a great job opportunity came her way. Julia Melim

Writer and Translator, SoulBrasil

This carioca was living in Los Angeles when she got married to an American. After her divorce, she decided to go back to her native Rio de Janeiro and live in Copacabana. Roberta Baptista

Translator, SoulBrasil

The paulistana from São Paulo is an architect and has lived in the beautiful Newport Beach, California for many years. In the first semester of 2015, she decided to move to San Francisco. Cristiane Magalhaes

Translator, SoulBrasil

A Pernambucana from Recife, Brazil, our young actress and model has lived in Los Angeles since 2014. She is one of the newest contributors. Her translations, from original articles in Portuguese, is considered of great quality by our team of American contributors. Amanda Pepper

Translator, SoulBrasil

She is a native from Porto Alegre, Brazil, and lives in Las Vegas, Los Angeles and Hawaii. She is an actress, model and former Miss Globe/Las Vegas. Neise is our voice in the city of the lights. Neise Cordeiro

Host & Video Presenter, SoulBrasil

The carioca is one of the newest contributors of Soul Brasil magazine, who is also a personal trainer and entrepreneur in the fitness niche. She lives in Los Angeles. Luana Elliot

Health & Fitness Consultant, SoulBrasil