Lindenberg’s wife is in charge for the office administration as well as accounting. She is also a native from Recife, Brazil and an American citizen since 2007. Magali is a travel agent with over 25 years of experience in the travel industry. She is also responsible to organize Soul Brasil travels groups to Brazil – or

Magali da Silva

Office Chief

A native from Recife, Brazil, and an American Citizen since 2007. Lindenberg has a bachelor degree in journalism and is the editor and publisher of Soul Brasil magazine. He is a writer, publicist, marketing consultant and event producer – or

Lindenberg Junior

Publisher and Editor

Born in Maceio, Brazil, she has a journalism degree, writes and edits articles in Portuguese. She has the important role to daily (except weekends) update the website content and help Lindenberg in various issues regarding production content. She also give us a hand with posts in social media.

LaÍs Oliveira

Editor Assistant

A native from Salvador, Bahia, Brazil and also an American citizenship, the charismatic “baiana” is our official photographer. She have been covering several events such as the annual Summer Solstice Parade in Santa Barbara, the annual Multicultural Hollywood Parade in L.A, and the annual Brazilian Day San Diego among others – or

Claudia Passos


Another native from Recife, Brazil, she is a daughter of a Brazilian mother and a Russian father. Tati loves to write and read books since she was a little girl. She has an important role helping us with social media issues like answer/interacting on Facebook Page and You Tube Channel as well with general customer service/requesting by email –

Tatiana Tchupranova

Social Media

Born in São Paulo, Brazil, he is a 20 years old journalism student who likes to read crime fiction and dreams to travel all around the world. Lucas is doing internship to acquire experience and help us with translations, writing, and also, social media –

Lucas Veiga

Writing and Translations

A native from Caxias do Sul, state of Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil. She moved to Los Angeles in 2013 to study Cinema, love to roller skating and go to the movies! This lovely “gaucha” contribute and helps us with Social Media posts and Calendar updates – or

Beatris Hoffmann

Social Media

He is from Recife, Pernambuco, Brazil, and lives in Paulista, near Recife. Alexandre has been the tech guy behind the site of Soul Brasil. He is a webmaster and programmer, as well as a consultant on technology and security on the internet –

Alexandre Alux

Webmaster, Alux Info

Also a native from Recife, Brazil, she lives in Boa Viagem beach neighborhood in Recife. Also, a long time Soul Brasil staff, she is the person in charge for the Soul Brasil magazine layout and other design projects –

Rita Santos


A younger American/Brazilian born in Los Angeles and a multi-talented artist. He is an actor, model and dancer. In 2017 he graduated in Performance Arts with emphasis in Musical Theater through Syracuse University in NY. He lives in NYC. Giovanni help us with English proofreading and edits –

Giovanni da Silva

English Proofreader

She is American with a Brazilian heart. Ann is an anthropologist with degree in Latin American Studies and is passionate about Samba and Brazilian music. She lives in Orange County between L.A and San Diego and also speaks Spanish and Portuguese –

Ann Fain

English Proofreader

Another native from Recife, Brazil, and with American citizenship, she is a certified yoga instructor and life coach. Sandra is the official consultant for art of living and spirituality themes. She has lived in Dallas (TX), Solvang and Los Angeles (CA) and has travelled to over 30 countries around the world, and in special, Asia and Latin America –

Sandra Domingos

Life Couch Consultant

A native from Florianopolis, state of Santa Catarina, she has lived in Los Angeles, New York and Miami. For over five years she worked as a host and reporter for TV Hollywood in NYC. She writes about entertainment and the show business. Julia is an actress, model, writer and journalist, and lives between Brazil and U.S –

Julia Melim


The paulistana from São Paulo is an architect and has lived in Santa Barbara and Newport Beach (California) for many years. Since 2016 Cristiane lives in San Francisco and continues in California. She helps Soul Brasil with valuable translations –

Cristiane Magalhaes


Another native from Recife, Pernambuco, Brazil, this young actress and model have been living in Los Angeles since 2014. Her translation to English from original articles in Portuguese is considered of great quality by our team of American friends and contributors. Amanda is also part of the host/presenter team of Soul Brasil videos –

Amanda Pepper

Translator and Video Host

The “Mineira” from Belo Horizonte, Minas Gerais, Brazil, is a multi-talented artist and works as model, actress and singer. She lives in Los Angeles and very often travels to Brazil and other places around the globe. She is part of the host/presenter team of Soul Brasil videos –

Gabriela Nader

Video Host

This talented (and sexy!) model and actress is a native from Curitiba, state of Parana, Brazil. She is also part of the host/presenter team of Soul Brasil videos. In 2015 she won the pageant Miss Latina Global and in 2016 the “Queen of Hollywood”. In 2017 Mariana was casting for a Hollywood film production to work with Eric Roberts, brother of Julia Roberts –

Mariana Alencar

Video Host

Another native from Sao Paulo, she lives in Los Angeles since 2014. Natalia is an actress and photographer, and is part of the host/presenter team of Soul Brasil videos. She is very versatile from taking photos and modeling to acting and producing –

Natalia Molero

Video Host

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