Local Musicians Helps to Spread the Brazilian Culture through Music

By Lindenberg Junior | Translation:  Amanda Pepper


Around the world, Brazilian music is appreciated and loved, and its rhythms and beauty can be recognized by whoever has the opportunity to get in contact with it. Just like soccer, Brazilian music became a trend almost everywhere you go. Bossa Nova was very much responsible for that during the 60’s and afterwards, and it opened the doors for other Brazilian rhythms to thrive beyond Brazilian boundaries.

Great musicians from all over the globe are now singing and playing Brazilian music, and in U.S we have a bunch of them, including L.A, San Diego, Santa Barbara, San Francisco…but we will talk about them later (Yes, we will!). For now, we will illustrate a few local Brazilians musicians that in one way or another have help to disseminate the Brazilian culture through music.  There are so many…I believe that if we count “full time” and “part-time” Brazilian musicians living in California and Nevada only, this number goes to over 100 easily.

For obvious reason, for now, we come with fifteen of these great musicians living in California:

Lula Almeida
Ana Gazzola
Flavio Ribeiro
Renato Cupim
Beto Gonzalez
Luiza Marques
Sonia Santos
Carlinhos Pandeiro de Ouro
Andréa Ferraz
Andre Monari 
João Sousa
Gustavo Campos
Angelo Metz
Cyro Abreu
Caro Pierotto
Daniel Carneiro
Ney Rios 
Gibi dos Santos
Mario Marauak
Marcele Berger
Zé Bruno Eisenberg











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