Edition by Alia Ponte | Photos by Oscar Picazzo and Todd Mizomi & Anthony Corbins Designs

The Miss Globe-Nevada 2013 is a Brazilian! Neise Cordeiro, born in São Paulo, Brazil, and is one among many Brazilian beauties that decided to immigrate to U.S. Neise has lived in Los Angeles, sometimes take time with her husband to join the “aloha” of Hawaii…but now lives in Las Vegas. At 118 lbs. and 5’6″, this girl of the sign of Scorpio always had a taste for music, dance and fitness.

In her early age she began to take classes in classical ballet (where she learned to have discipline and awareness of her body) and samba. In addition, yoga is another practice that is part of her life. “It helps me to maintain balance between body and soul, love it” says the “paulistana” Neise. Zumba is another physical activity that is in the routine of Neise. “It helps me to burn calories while having fun”. The bar method, basically, the mix of ballet and pilates, promotes toning muscles, and for this versatile model, host and entrepreneur, is the perfect additional to yoga and zumba practices.

This Brazilian girl who likes a good barbecue (actually Brazilian style churrasco!), yucca and vegetables, says that she feels very happy working in the area of fitness and entertainment. According to her the secret of happiness is to enjoy life, and feel peace with yourself and the world around you. Lover of Bossa Nova, Latin Pop and alternative music Neise wants to continue working on fitness and entertainment, but she is also open to learn different things in order to grow as a person and as a professional.

She also intends to continue helping non-profit organizations in order to raise awareness about violence towards women, abuse of children and animals. To create an institution to take care of seniors forgotten by their families, a sanctuary for dogs and cats, and to act in a major role in a feature Hollywood film is part of her goals in the future soon. To finish Neise leaves the following message: “Never forget your lowest moments in life; those are the ones that make you stronger enough to reach the highest ones”. Neise is the owner of Brazuka Dance Fitness Production and a spokesperson for WIN International Foundation.


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