The second edition of the event happens from June 14th to 17th and brings awareness, classes and performances of samba and other Brazilian rhythms

Dance Class

The Annual Samba Congress was created in 2017 by Ana Laidley, Patrick Carvalho and Rodrigo Marques to celebrate the Samba and the Brazilian culture.  It will be held in the Dance & Movement Studio, (located in downtown Los Angeles), offering intense dance classes with 34 professional dancers that will teach 17 varieties of Samba and other Brazilian rhythms. The program will also have, different performances with cultural groups coming from different parts of the U.S, Brazil and many other countries.  Through the event, these Brazilian artists wish to express and spread the Brazilian culture all around the world.

The first edition has got recognition throughout all the U.S and gathered important Samba personalities from many places around the globe. It has been established as one of the biggest Samba celebrations outside Brazil.  The program this year starts on June 14th with the Grand Gala Opening Night which hosts the Pioneer of Samba Award. The singer, Dionne Warwick, was chosen to receive the honor due to her musical career that has contributed to support and promote Samba worldwide. After the ceremony there will be a special appearance with singer Fernando Ebano who will play with his band and his Brazilian repertoire to make everybody dance like in an authentic Brazilian party.

In the following days, the congress will have activities from morning until evening with 34 professional dancers providing classes and workshops and talented musicians teaching Brazilian percussion.  The dance classes involve challenging and amusing methodology that is suitable for everyone and even people with no experience on dancing. Besides the varieties of Samba, the ISC program embraces other important rhythms in Brazil such as Frevo and Maracatu.

Gafieira Performance

By night, the Dance Studio will turn into a stage for cultural presentations. One of the highlights is the Adriana Lima’s “Female Malandro Contest”, in which women do amazing performances incarnating the Malandro, the male icon of the Samba culture. The contest is open to each and every woman that wishes to compete. Here’s a link for tickets and more info about the event:

Confirmed teachers coming from Brazil includes Carlinhos do Salgueiro, Matheus Olivério, Patrick Carvalho, Rodrigo Marques, Karla Moreno, Rosangela Silvestre, Marcelo Chocolate, Marília Rameh, Anne Costa and Ailton Nunes. From USA: Angelique Starks, Melissa Corpus, Ana Malandro, Gisella Ferreira, Jonia McCleney, Abraham Gonzalez Pollick, Carlinhos Pandeiro de Ouro, Sula Gomes, Neguinha Sambista, Wag D’Groove, Danielle Lima, Marcio Peeter, Dill Costa, Lorin Hansen, Dudu Fuentes, Khalil Cummings, Brian L. Davis, Rachel Hernandez, Vanessa Isaac and Dandha da Hora. From other countries: Irineu Nogueira (England), Tereza Azevedo (France), Adrianna Yanuziello (Canada) and Sashya Jay (Australia).


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