Image_Web_Aug 24_TapiocaThe recipe bellow is for the traditional coconut tapioca and one of the stars of Brazilian Northeast cuisine. During the last years Brazilians have innovate this traditional recipe and a sweet version become also popular with the incorporation of chocolate or dulce de leche or the full replace of coconut for sweet ingredients. The recipe bellow is healthy, low in fat and is gluten-free.


Tapioca Ingredients:

– 1 cup manioc starch

– Salt

– Butter

Filling Ingredients:

– 1 cup grated coconut

Suggested toppings:

-Queso fresco or bufala mussarela or cotija cheese (Mexican cheese a bit similar with Brazilian northeast “queijo de coalho”


Pour the manioc starch with the salt through a sieve. Warm up the combination in a pan, without mixing it, till it is firm. Add the grated coconut (or add any favorite topping if would like to innovate it), and fold the “tapioca” in the middle (it should have a half-moon shape). Put a little bit of butter on both sides of the “tapioca” and warm it up one more time before you serve it.

P.S.: In Brazil you can find the ready to use “fresh” manioc starch, and particularly, in farmers market of Northeast region. With the popularity of tapioca in all regions of Brazil, in recent years become popular in the market the dry manioc starch. It can be easily found in U.S at Brazilian markets and even in some Asian and Latino markets. Just ask for “Massa para Tapioca” or “Povilho Pronto para Tapioca”.

P.S.²:In Los Angeles area you can easily find it at Hi Brazil Boutique and Market in Redondo Beach, Continental Gourmet Market in Hawthorne and Lomita, Carniceria Argentina in North Hollywood, El Mambi Market in Glendale and Latimex Market in Chino.

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