Egili is a dancer and choreographer born in Rio de Janeiro and currently divides her life between Los Angeles and Rio. Although dance is her favorite physical activity, she also knit to keep in shape, loves to run in the sand and kickboxing.

Her career in dance began as a child when she developed herlove not only for the activity, but also for Samba, a unique Brazilian rhythm. “I learned to dance Samba at the age of 05 with my grandmother, my greatest inspiration was my Aunt Neia, I was already studying rhythms and theater at the age of 13. I was a drum queen at age 15 and the first dance company I worked for was at age 18. At 19 I was already on my first overseas tour”, said Egili.

The samba teacher has held workshops in Europe since 2008 and when she is in California she also offers workshops to bring the rhythm and Brazilian culture to the North Americans. At 1.66m and weighing 66kg, Egili says the best way  to keep her body in shape is to select good food  as well as drinking plenty of water daily.

Born: Rio de Janeiro
Weight : 133 pounds
Height : 5’5″
Sign: Sagittarius
Colors: yellow, white, red and lilac
Food : Brazilian bean and rice
Hobby: Reading and movies
Sports/Fitness: Dance and Kickboxing
Music: Samba, reggaeton and hip hop .
Carree: Actress and dancer