Bruna began to practice yoga about 2010 when she enrolled in a Hatha Yoga class at El Camino Community College in Torrance, California. Her approach to yoga was highly influenced by her quest for balance and inner peace as well as her fascination with Eastern philosophy, rather than looking to be fit. Yoga has ever since been her passion. Her practice consists of asanas (postures), meditation, pranayama (breathing techniques), chanting mantras, journaling, and studying the texts.

She tries to practice at least 4 times a week. The practice has amazing results in all levels of her being; the physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual. For her, yoga increases the balance, strength, stamina, and flexibility. The internal heat it creates in her body helps to detoxify her organs and muscles. Yoga also accelerates her metabolism and creates energy flow. It allows her to release tension and anxiety, to become more focused and aware, to calm her mind and to cultivate a more positive outlook in life. Yoga heals, motivates, inspires and transforms her soul. It is not just a fitness program, but it’s a precious way of life. Today she is a yoga student and a certified yoga teacher sharing the gift of yoga.

She tries and hope teaching people the tools to change their lives in a positive way, searching for happiness. “Happiness is achieved when we find that connection with our essence, when we live from a place of compassion and unconditional love – a place of no expectations, non-judgment, understanding, gratitude, joy, acceptance, and trust”, she said. Bruna says that happiness is to live from the heart! Her beloved Guru Amma says: as the body needs food to survive and grow, the soul needs love….it sustains everything. Love is the foundation of the universe. Divine Mother’s teachings and unconditional love are a source of inspiration for me to continue seeking the path to the heart.

Her plan for the future is to continue walking her spiritual path. It is to continue to grow, and unfold to help others do the same. She will keep striving toward a unified state of consciousness (Yoga) while enjoying and being grateful for every moment of her journey.


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