This Portuguese beauty splits her time between Los Angeles and Elizabeth’s hometown, Paris. She came to L.A from Paris for salsa dancing, the entertainment industry and acting activities. She loves L.A, a very cosmopolitan city where she has the opportunity to speak the four languages she speaks and loves: English, Portuguese, Spanish and French.

At 6 years old, she started dancing ballet and didn’t stop in different styles, with a strong emphasize in Salsa, for 10 years, and samba for 5 years. Probably influenced by her Portuguese origins, the culture of Brasil always fascinated her. “Liz Inacio” started yoga only when she arrived in U.S. in 2006, but only recently when she discovered the Iyengar style, she jumped in and started practicing 3 to 4 times every week. “Ivengar Yoga is one of the most efficient yoga styles, and my master is the French Laurent Dauzou, who teaches a lot in Brasil too. I completely was hooked by this style, more oriented into the precision of the postures and the alignments. In fact, being injured while dancing, I found healing solutions through it!”

Elizabeth also is an outdoors activities lover, especially involving water such as wake boarding, knee boarding, scuba-diving…well she told us she got her PADI Advanced degree in the Great Barrier Reef in Australia! “I try to avoid using my car and use my bicycle as much as possible to go to one place to another. It is a very European life style!” In addition, this adventurous woman enjoys horse-riding and just started learning surf. Besides she likes sports and activities witch requires much adrenaline, she loves to travel the world so is easily find her in a plane! She already traveled for a whole through Asia and South America in 2001 including 2 months in Brasil.

”Always interested in the art of photography, I myself have spent some time behind the lens, for my own pleasure. Interior decoration appeals me too, and I am passionate by all art expressions and the everyday Beauty that surrounds us”.

Besides modeling, acting and dancing, she is a coordinator in the advertising and marketing fields, as she gets a master in international marketing at the Sorbonne University in Paris. Elizabeth works mainly in the media, events and beauty industries. This busy and fit woman commented that when her duty is done and she can share the pleasure of life with her love, family and friends, she can feeling the “smell” of happiness. Her advice for those in search for happiness is “Look for the light inside yourself and believe in love”. Ms. Inacio plans for the future is start her own business and conduct an interesting project in Brazil. Good luck!

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