We have put together a list of twenty “nature wonders” that is used by cinema and fashion celebrities, whether in diets or for beauty. Among the celebrities are Jennifer Goodwin, Lucy Hale, Nikki Reed, Karlie Kloss, Karina Smirnoff, Kate Walsh and Airneé Teegarden.

1 – Dark Chocolate – It is an indulgence and full of antioxidants! The flavonoids help regulate blood pressure as said New York celebrities dietitian Stephanie Middleberg. Benefit by reaching for a bar that is at least 70 percent cacao.

2 – Kefir – It has at least three times as many probiotics as yogurt does. There healthy bacteria aid digestion and reduce belly bloat, shares another NYC celebrities dietitian, Keri Glassman.

3 – Goji Berries – Among the 20-plus vitamins and minerals packed into the tiny fruits, it is high in vitamin A. It’s an antioxidant vital to bone health and good vision.

4 – Kale – One cup of the leafy greens has just 33 calories, but it boosts 1.3 grams of satiating fiber, plus vitamins A and C – helping you with glowing skin!

5 – Kombucha – The drink become famous among Hollywood celebrities few years ago (from 2016). It is a fermented drink and is high in B vitamins which can speed the metabolism, says the dietitian Middleberg.

6 – Kiamichi – Another fermented food, the Korean delicacy can be into salads and boosts gut health. It is amazing for your immune system, says the dietitian Glassman.

7 – Walnuts – The protein-rich snack is a star between international celebrities! So versatile, this nuts’ alpha-linolenic acid helps protect against heart disease so well.

8 – Raspberries – Very popular in the U.S., only 8 grams per cup is a boost to get a rich diet in fiber. It has more fiber than any other berries.

9 – Apples – It slows the digestion of carbohydrates and also is so versatile said dietitian Middleberg.

10 – Olive oil – The cooking staple boasts monounsaturated fats. They’ve been linked with blasting belly bulge.

11 – Figs – A fruit that is the favorite of many celebrities such as Karina Smirnoff that was growing up eaten it.  Very rich in potassium and supportive to bone-building.

12 – Kelp – These sea greens “are loaded with minerals”, said dietitian Glassman. Their iron and manganese supply is a plus to get extra energy.

13 – Avocado – The antioxidant glutathione may block the absorption of fats and very well, said dietitian Glassman.

14 – Almond Butter – Almonds have the most nutrients per ounce of all nuts”, says dietitian Middleberg that add one standout: the magnesium rich strengthens muscles!

15 – Blueberries – L.A. dietitian Rachel Beller dubs the fruits Katie Holmes buys “brain berries” because their antioxidant anthocyanin’s aid memory.

16 – Hot peppers – Spicy foods can reduce appetite, reveals Glassman and peppers’ capsaicin, adds the pro, “gives your metabolism a slight boost”.

17 – Chia seeds – These seeds (eaten by Miranda Kerr of Victoria Secret) expand in the stomach, absorbing up to 12 times their weight. They’re appetite curbs.

18 –  Jicama – with 6 grams of fiber (nearly a quarter of your daily needs), a cup of these root veggies can reduce the risk of heart disease and obesity. Eat Up!

19 – Quinoa – Kate Walsh cooks these seeds and adds broccoli for supper. The protein (8 grams per cup) helps squash hunger.

20 – Jackfruit – Brazilians from northeast know well this fruit! Elissa Goodman applauds Airneé Teegarden for piling the fruit on pizza. Its texture “is pork like”, she says, “and it absorbs sauce like crazy”. With less grams of fat per cup and no cholesterol, it is a great alternative to meat and is adopted by vegans and vegetarians in their cooking experiences.

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