By Carol Mendes | Translation by Julia Melim

 318033-escova-progressiva-com-oleo-de-arganMany women dream of not having to spend one hour getting ready just because of their hair. Recently this dream became a reality thanks to a new technique being developed in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Women no longer have to rely on blow driers and flat irons with this new blow dry method, known as the “Brazilian Blow Out.” This became the number one choice for most women because it straightens the hair progressively, in a more natural and efficient way using keratin treatment, which results in a healthier and shinier hair.

The treatment happens in four stages, but considering the final results it’s an economic way to treat your hair. At first, the hair needs to be washed with a special shampoo that takes away all the hair residues; next the hair is treated with keratin, which promotes the straightening of the hair. In the third phase, it’s time to blow dry the hair without rinsing the product. And then there’s a last step that’s using a flat iron to fixate the keratin into the hair follicles.

However, just like any other hair treatment, there are some recommendations one needs to follow, for example, after the “Brazilian Blow Out” treatment, you cannot wash your hair for about 3-4 days and you should only use a shampoo with neutral pH, preferably without salt and artificial ingredients so that it doesn’t interfere with the layer of keratin that protects the hair strands, giving better results.

The “Brazilian Blow Out” lasts two to three months depending on the type of hair and differently than many other treatments, it can be applied to dyed or damaged hair because of the keratin layer that protects the hair.

This treatment has been an absolute success among women and is being applied all over the world as the method is very efficient. However, one has to be careful to verify that the hair stylist is using natural products without chemicals that might be harmful to their health. Before you decide to give this treatment a try, make sure you research the ingredients of each product being used. It’s also advisable that only qualified and certified hair care stylists apply this treatment to your hair.

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