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*Translation/Edition by Julia Melim

Brazil is well-known around the world for exporting its natural beauty and gracing the runways with models who are native of our exotic country. It’s not a surprise that 6 of our Brazilian models showed up on the Top 20 sexiest models in the world in 2011, according to – attracting over 1 million visitors per month. Ana Beatriz Barros is among the most sought after models in the fashion industry with clients ranging from Armani to Bebe and L’Oreal. She appears on the list as 20th sexiest model in the world.

Ex-Victoria’s Secret Angel Isabel Goulart comes in 12th place, but her post-Angel career only keeps getting hotter. After making her way onto the pages of V magazine and the Giles runway, she continues to book mainstream gigs like Express and Armani Exchange.

The blue eyed Brazilian beauty Isabele Fontana scores 11th place, after appearing on the covers of Vogue, Numero and French Vogue just to name a few, which is not an easy task for just any model. A model so gorgeous and versatile who can go from high fashion editorials to ad campaigns and back on the runway without blinking.

During the last few years, the next three Brazilians have always appeared on the top 10 list: Alessandra Ambrosio, Gisele Bundchen and Adriana Lima. No other model can compete with the beauty and charisma that these three Angels bring to the runway. This year, Alessandra moves up from sexiest model number 9 to number 6, proving that this undeniably sexy girl is a financial force in the modeling market in her own right. Gisele comes in second place, coming down from number 1 just last year, but she is still rocking every magazine cover in sight with her cascading hair, shimmering skin, and an enviable body – which is an example of true Brazilian beauty.

And taking her place as Top 1 sexiest model in the world is another Brazilian girl, Adriana Lima, who just appeared in the Annual Victoria’s Secret Runway Show, and follows an intense workout schedule as well as a strict diet to shape her curves. Born in Salvador, Bahia, Adriana is a major double threat with contracts for Maybelline and Victoria’s Secret, which only the sexiest model could pull off with her toned body and unique beauty.

Congratulations to our Brazilian girls on the runways of the world!

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