By Carole Ellis

Naples, Florida

Naples, Florida

It’s the beginning of the work week and you’re back to your “daily grind.” Are you feelin’ good? If so, then you might have a job you love or, according to the Gallup-Healthways Well-Being Index, you might live in a city or state known for residents who display a high sense of well-being.

According to the survey (2016), four states account for 14 of the top 20 “well-being communities” in U.S. Those states are Florida, California, Colorado, and Texas. Note that in the top 4 cities for homeowner well-being, two are from Florida e two are from California: Naples (FL), Salinas, CA, Sarasota (FL) and Monterrey (CA). California is the state that has the largest number of cities in the national raking for “homeowners well being”:

Naples, Florida
Salinas, California
Sarasota, Florida

The states of Massachusets, Virginia, Alaska, Hawaii, Utah, and Michigan each posted one city on the top-20 list as well. According to Gallup researchers, “high-well-being communities” are typified by residents who “are thriving across many aspects of their lives, who are optimistic about their future, and collectively who are more productive, perform better, and have better health and lower healthcare costs”.

Gallup’s survey factored in, in particular, how affordable and accessible food and basic healthcare were in these communities. The lowest-ranked community in the country was Charleston, West Virginia.

*Carole Ellis is editor in chief of the Bryan Ellis Investing Letter, and provides though-provoking analysis and commentary on news topics relevant to serious real estate investors.


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