By Lindenberg Junior | Contribution:  Actress/Model Neise Cordeiro

Most of the risks of a bad body image reside under the subject of merely not being able to see yourself for what you truly are. If when you look in the mirror you simply see what is amiss with you that transfer into extra areas of your life. The accompanying are the risks of a bad body image:

  • Potential for ill health (like eating disorders, or compulsive working out).
  • Diminished self-pride.
  • Lessening in drive to succeed.
  • Inability to treasure one’s self.
  • Diminished confidence.

It’s hard to be satisfied, find a great job, have a fit relationship, or be successful in your attempts, regardless what they are, if you can’t have a true grasp on yourself. You have to be able to have a cognizance of your value and your worth, and a bad body image ruins that.

It ruins self-assurance. It ruins motivation. And frequently, it not only cramps these matters but it may likewise create serious hurdles to defeat also. For instance, it may lead to eating disorders which cause grave risk to your health, psychological issues, and frequently take years to defeat, and some never get over all of the effects. The risks of a bad body image are true, and shouldn’t be taken lightly.

So, what may you do to help your girls have a favorable body image? We asked for help to Neise Cordeiro, Brazilian model, actress and Ms. Brazil Globe 2014. In her opinion, the first thing girls need to do is to stop comparing their bodies (and lives) to someone else’s. Everyone is different and each body responds different to challenges.

“Accepting who you really are and work towards your well-being, eating well, taking care of yourself and not minding what others say is the first step to become more confident and happier. It is always wonderful to have a whole model in your life and use as a healthy example, but girls need to transform that into their own, be creative. That’s what is going to make you unique”.

For Neise, the reality is that nobody is perfect. In the pageant circuit, for example, she has met some of the most beautiful women in the world, and they all have issues and seem to overcome them focusing on their inner-beauty.

“They work towards what makes them happy, such as charitable causes, issues that are important to them and will help others as well. These women are seeing as empowered, and that’s showing confidence. I am a spokesperson for the W.I.N. Foundation (Women in Need Foundation) and their mission is to offer programs for self- recovery to victims of bullying, physical and verbal abuse. All of those issues cause the low self-esteem we see in many young girls and boys. Many of the programs W.I.N. offers teach how to work on to become more empowered” says Neise Cordeiro.

Begin with yourself. If you don’t practice what you preach it will have little effect. Never talk badly about your own body in front of your girls and/or your kids. Help them formulate talents. Individuals who have developed their talents and realize their own talents tend to have more self-assurance then others.

“If you are able to support the growth in your youngsters, encourage them to follow their dreams, and formulate their talents, they’ll feel valued, and will likely have less conflict with their body. The more you motivate the young generation to live a healthier life, cultural activities, learn about other cultures and people, they will learn that there are so many different types of beauty. We are in a world that there is no singular beauty. The term “beauty” is like a perfume: it comes in different shapes, sizes, colors, and scents”.

Speak positively. Don’t say bad things about your body or anybody else’s. Don’t compare individuals based upon physical stature. Don’t compare yourself or anybody else to a celebrity or super model. They pay to have exceptional bodies.

“Unfortunately media has been the main contributor to misguide individuals about the way they need to look to be accepted in society. Advertising has pressured us to look skinnier, more hip or blonder, buy what celebrities buy, and do what they do. It’s a gazillion dollar industry always trying to control our lives. If we don’t educate ourselves to filter all that we become easy targets.

But remember, if you evaluate yourself and want to make positive changes in your life, bravo! You are in your own right. The same confidence you have to be who you are will help you when you make the changes”.

Image_Body Image_Neise_Te Amo_Web

Neise Cordeiro, Brazilian Model

Admonish bad self talk. If you are a mother and your daughter starts in on themselves, or states she looks bad in something, put a stop to it right away. If you let her carry on you’re giving her permission to have a bad body image. You’re almost telling her you agree with her assessment, and you’re letting a bad cycle perpetuate.

To conclude, we are all valuable human beings and beautiful in our own way. The main strategy to fast fix “Bad Body Images” is to first love you, be confident and not believe in all that you see and hear through the different media platforms.


*Neise Cordeiro is a Brazilian model, actress and host of her own internet show “Brazuca TV”. She lives in Las Vegas but you can see her often in Los Angeles, San Diego and Hawaii.


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