Image_SBWeb_May 14_Hair LossBy far and away, the most common type of baldness in men is androgenic alopecia, also known as male pattern baldness because of the “M” shaped pattern of hair loss. This condition generally takes years and your hair will become progressively thinner and eventually won’t grow at all. Good news, though, there are new things that any man can do to avoid hair loss.

It has long been believed that hair loss in men was genetic, but new evidence is suggesting that there really is no such pattern. It is now believed that one of the main factors in hair loss is an excess level of the hormone DHT.  While at normal levels DHT plays a vital role in your body, when it becomes unbalanced and there is too much of these hormone men can suffer from something called follicular miniaturization which is just a long winded way of saying that the hair follicles are constantly getting smaller and thinner.

The most popular method for stopping hair loss used to be taking prescription drugs such as Propecia or Minoxidil, but these drugs were found to have severe side effects such as  erectile dysfunction, gynecomastia (growing of breasts), acne and headaches to name a few.  These days  there are all natural options to prevent and reverse hair loss that come with minimal side effects but are shown to be just as effective. Many of these natural alternatives will even provide permanent results which generally was not the case with the man made drugs.

Many natural cures have been around for generations and have been time tested to work and to be safe. Of course when it comes to preventing hair loss do not forget the importance of focusing on the inside of your body. Everything that you see on the outside of your body actually starts inside. If you keep the inside nourished and healthy, that will have positive effects on your outward appearance.

Staying healthy means eating a well balanced diet with all the nutrients your body needs. To supplement any nutrients you may not get enough of in your diet, take a daily (quality) nutritional supplement. Drink plenty of water, get enough exercise and enough sleep and knock off the bad habits like smoking or drinking too much.

And whatever else you do, try to lessen the stress in your life. Stress is such a huge factor in so many of the issues that we face. Whether it’s losing your hair or losing your mind, too much stress can literally be a killer. Try to find ways to unwind on a regular basis.  You don’t have to just sit back and watch your hair fall out, and you don’t have to be a victim to genetics. What you can do is to learn  how to avoid hair loss in men and become more proactive in your overall health and well being.

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