Avianca Brasil has been around for over 15 years, though only fairly recently expanded internationally.  In 2016 the airline had lofty international expansion goals, and had plans for 20 airbus join their fleet over the coming years, so that they could become a global carrier.

Among their international routes were new flights from Sao Paulo to the U.S. In June 23rd 2017 Avianca Brasil launched daily flights between Sao Paulo and Miami and in December 15, 2017 they launched daily flights between Sao Paulo and New York.

Unfortunately the airline hasn’t been doing well financially, and in December 2018 filed for bankruptcy. They blamed high fuel prices and a strong USD for their issues. Several of their leasing companies wanted their planes back due to Avianca Brasil’s financial situation, with the potential for 30% of their planes to immediately be repossessed.

The airline will be ending flights from/to Miami and New York as of March 31, 2019, so less than two years after they starting operate in this routes. Passagers with tickets after March 31st is advised to contact the airline office or the agent that they bought the ticket.

If the passager has already used a portion of the ticket, the return to his city of origin will have to be within the options offered by Avianca Brasil. If the passager does not accept any of the options, Avianca Brasil said that will be no refund on the part of the ticket that was not used.

For anyone who is worried about the value of their Avianca LifeMiles, you shouldn’t be worried  as Avianca Brasil is owned by Synergy Group, which also controls Avianca Holdings (which Avianca Colombia is part of), the airlines are run separately, and are in very different financial positions.

The bottom line and very possible is that they were going up against the powerhouse of American Airlines and LATAM in both of these markets, so it’s tough to compete with that with a single flight to each city.


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