By Carol Mendes & Lindenberg Junior | * Translated by Julia Melim

The popular goal of going to the United States in search of better opportunities is also part of the Brazilian archetypes. It began in the 1960s but became a fever in the 1980s and 1990s. In 2011, the Secretary of Foreign Relations of Brazil registered that there are about 1.4 million Brazilians living in the US trying to achieve the American Dream.

The largest Brazilian population in the U.S lives in the East Coast, or better saying, in New York/ New Jersey (the biggest concentration with an estimated of over 300,000 Brazilians), Southern Florida and Boston. However, there are many Brazilians in Dallas and Houston (Texas), Atlanta (Georgia), and of course in California. It’s easy to find Brazilians anywhere from San Diego to San Francisco and between. Los Angeles has the biggest Brazilian Community in the U.S West Coast with an estimated of over 45,000 Brazilians… Artists, Business owners, artists, etc. After 2000 many Brazilians who lived in other cities, especially in the West Coast, relocated to Las Vegas when the economy in the Sin City started to flourish.

Even after they adapt to the fast-paced American lifestyle, the Brazilians who try to make it big in the U.S never forget their home country and their rich Brazilian culture. In California since the beginning and in Nevada most recently, Soul Brasil magazine bridges the gap between Brazil and those who live far away.

The first issue of Soul Brasil was out of printer and ready for distribution in June 2002 in Los Angeles, featuring a bilingual issue in the traditional magazine format. The Brazilian community in San Diego, Orange County, Los Angeles, Santa Barbara and San Francisco since then had the opportunity to read our articles in the printed format. When we completed 10 years in June 2012, we came with a special issue in Spanish and started distribution in Las Vegas.

In 2017, after 15 years distributing the printed magazine for free in over 200 distributions locations and trying to build a cultural bridge between two countries by strengthening their cultural ties, we changed strategies and focus our efforts in our digital issue and our website. The printed magazine is still available, but is not anymore available for free and is printed on demand through this link.

Soul Brasil magazine has taken the responsibility to disseminate the Brazilian Culture to all Brazilian lovers in the West Coast and in particular, in Southern California. We are very proud to have been the pioneer Brazilian printed publication in the U.S promoting the “Going Green” movement and supporting the conscious living on planet Earth.

Whether you read our articles through the printed issue or the digital issue or our website, watch our videos through our YouTube channel, checking our posts and updates (including videos) on our Facebook page or other social media, it’s possible to travel to Brazil without having to go there or learning a little bit about the U.S without ever leaving Brazil.

In our website, besides the great content through articles and videos, you can find events and public service announcements to the community, in English as well in Portuguese. Our staff include a small team of part time paid professionals and many not paid contributors, living in U.S as well in Brazil. Our intention was and is always offer cool content and inspirational stories for all in U.S with interest in Brazil or all of those who are in pursuit of the American Dream…or actually, for those interested in the Brazilian Dream!


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