By Livia Caroline Neves

In the U.S, specially in the last five years, the Brazilian small berry named “açaí” has gained a huge market territory and even being endorsed by important personalities in sports, music and TV as such surf legend Kelly Slater, skater Bob Burnquist, singer Wynonna Judd and show host Oprah Winfrey. In part also because of the magnificent work of public relations and pioneering, in 2000, of Sambazon (first company to bring the açaí from Brazil to the U.S market), its two founders, Ryan and Jeremy Black, and their instinctive marketing vision together with a strong ecological consciousness of sustainable development.

During this last years there has been a lot of “hype” among thousands of people in U.S. over this fruit and specially those folks concern with their balanced diet and good nutrition. The fruit is very rich in antioxidants and lipids, helps to combat cholesterol and free radicals. The tremendous success initially in Brazil and now worldwide is the consequence of three simple combined facts: its nutrition values with the delicious taste and natural energy power.

Açaí has become so popular with Americans living in large metropolises as New York, Los Angeles and Chicago, which can now be found in different types and forms, whether in capsules, juices, or in the traditional original format – as a complete meal, served in a bowl and with options to include banana and/or strawberries slices and/or granola on the top. This type of “delicious and powerful natural meal” make a special success among athletes and conscious living folks concern with their body

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