By Lindenberg Junior

After losing her hair in 1968, a charismatic woman known for years as Gigi, had traveled from Rio to the Amazon for research natural herbs with the help of an Indian medicine man. After she restored her hair, Gigi’s intention was to be a pioneer hairdresser using only natural products to help her clients with the same problem. She moved to Los Angeles in 1991 and her vision became a passion which grew into a business with the open of Gigi`s Vision Salon on Roxbury Rd. in Beverly Hills.

Gigi guarantees to continue use only all natural products and also recommends organic products, so that there will be no side effects for those of her clients using her natural hair care recommendations. Now, after more than 18 years she opened her hair salon in Beverly Hills, Gigi came up with two new ideas and a vision crystallized: to create a new restorative business model. After many trips to Brazil and more specifically to the Amazon Region, this visionary woman will start her own natural product line that includes hair and skin treatments for women and men, as well natural shampoo for babies. The name of the new product line – Total Organico, will be manufacture in Brazil in partnership with the Foundation of the Social Project of the Amazon and will be available soon at the new Organic SPA Foundation in Beverly Hills.

The capillary hair growing formula by Gigi’s of Beverly Hills is an all natural hair growth formula passed down by a old shaman in the Brazilian rain forest. Made by exotic plant extracts from the Amazon and respecting a sustainable Earth, the product have been proofing it’s effectiveness for re-growing hair. GiGi is an international hair dressed with over thirty six years of experience and training with top French hair stylist Alex Alexander. T

he famous hair stylist has given her the ability to fashion hair according to the clients facial structure and color of skin. Her training continued with Italian and German colorists with hair cut styles for every type of problem hair. Her clients represent a cross section of ages and professions, including the entertainment industry.

Gigi’s business would inspire the hearts of many people to believe that business can go beyond profits, that it can drive positive social and environmental change. Gigi’s Hair Saloon is located at 434 N. Roxbury Dr. in Beverly Hills. For more information (310) 273-1816.

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