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O Ego e a Lei da Atração

Muitos de nós sofremos com o balanço sutil entre ter uma autoestima saudável e um ego muito inflado, pelo menos em algum momento de nossas vidas.

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Alternative to Make Money in the Film Industry

Always dreamed of being in the movies? You don’t need to be in Hollywood to do it. With more movies and TV show being shot than ever, production sets are filming nationwide, and that means no matter where you live in the U.S, you have an opportunity to be a movie extra.

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Instrumentos Divinos e a Mágia da Música

Como já diziam os sábios na Idade Média, tocar um instrumento, com ou sem habilidade, ou simplesmente participar de um ritual musical seja qual for o seu instrumento, já cria chances de conexão com nossa própria música interior e com todo o Universo

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Great News for Renters: Possible House Taxes Deductions

We’re hearing a lot about the affordability crisis in the news thanks to skyrocketing rents and rising home prices. If you are currently renting and wishing that you could catch a break on your taxes even though you don’t pay a mortgage, then you might soon be in luck.

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Dream and Reality

It was near midnight and no call from my boyfriend Bob. My girlfriends had been waiting since seven o’clock and now we were late.

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A Brazilian Actress in Love

Known as “The Brazilian Firecracker,” Aymara Limma continues her tradition of playing hot characters in love with her directorial debut, the new award-winning romantic comedy short, “Te Amo! Shabbat Shalom!” The film also stars Anthony Kantor.

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