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Featuring Celia Almeia from Fortaleza, Brasil

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Tam Tam Brazilian Festival Brings Two Days of Fun for Brazilian Culture Lovers of Southern California

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Conheça Quatro Organizações que Defendem os Direitos dos Imigrantes

Brazil Spotlight

Top 10 List – Not to be missed visiting Brazil

Living in the U.S.

Save Money, Protect Yourself and your Consumer Rights

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Dreams Signs and Symbols

Signs swirl around us every day, yet we are so preoccupied by with activities of our waking lives, that the underlying significance is ignored or forgotten.

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Divine Instruments and the Magic of Music

As the Middle Ages wise men used to say, to play an instrument whether you have musical skills or not, or just to participate in a musical ritual regardless of the instrument you play, enhances your chances of establishing a connection with your inner music and also the entire Universe.

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