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USCIS Anuncia Novas Medidas para Detectar Fraudes e Abuso no Visto H-1B

Brazil Spotlight

2017 Tourism Expo in Brazil Happens in September and is Expected to Brake Records

Living in the U.S.

Livre e Solta: Primeiras Impressões na Califórnia

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Soccer: The Sociological Aspect

Going beyond the green fields and stadiums, soccer is a sport that has established itself in the modern world as a very important way of socialization between people.

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Thai Massage: A Blowing of Light from Buddha’s Mind

By Rita de Cassia Cerqueira |Translation: Flavio Gondin In a recently visit to Sao Paulo, Brazil, our editor Lindenberg Jr have participated as a special guest of a extraordinary experience. He was invited for a Thai massage workshop with the instructor and expert in...

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