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“Política? Deus me Livre! Tô Fora! Só Queria um Brasil Melhor”

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Uma Nova Realidade: L.A Cannabis City

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Life is Like a River

I think that one of the strangest feelings in life is the one you feel when you have to let someone you love go from this lifetime.

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Five Top Fitness Tips for Busy Professionals

Whether it’s sitting at a desk for long hours, looking at a computer screen or spending your shift on your feet, or running around in an emergency room treating patients, any busy professional in this world is in risk of stiff joints, eye strain, back pain or repetitive strain injury. 

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Soccer App ScoreBing is Now Available in Portuguese

It is World Cup year, so soccer is already in the mind of its fans. ScoreBing is an APP for die-hard soccer fans, offering soccer predictions, live soccer scores and soccer tips for all soccer matches around the world, covering 211 countries, 1492 soccer leagues and 22557 soccer teams.

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