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Los Angeles Brazilian Film Festival Highlights the Best of Brazilian Cinema from Nov 5th to 8th

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Incêndios na Califórnia: 41 Mortos e mais de 5.700 Estruturas Destruídas

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Africa in São Paulo

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Califórnia é o Primeiro Estado a Aprovar o Uso do Terceiro Gênero em Documentos Públicos

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Does Sugar Make You Fat?

Sugar tastes oh so sweet, but do we really need it? And is that spare tire around your waist, your neck jowls and upper arm flab caused by eating too much sugar?

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Conversations with an E.T

For the past five years I have communicated telepathically with a member of my soul group or “cluster,” who’s having a life on a water planet in the Sirius B Star System

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The Joy of Loving Myself

We’ve heard it all before, “all you need is love” and “love is all you need.” But how many songs and conversations really focus on loving ourselves?

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